During the daytime hours this image is processed in real-time on my server using Photomatix HDR software to make the image look more like your eye would see it. You can now click here to see the non processed image directly from the camera for comparison. This also serves as a link to the full resolution image if maybe you're a climber and want to see more detail of the mountain.

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We're back! Thank you so much to Jamie Hill for the donation of her camera and to Theresa Tripp, Doris Gallagher, Photography at Play, Diana McAnally, Meg Wakeman, Komal Sanjeev, Frank P. Neubauer, Laraine Durham, and Kimberly Hale for your kind donations to help get the camera repaired!

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I have created an open Facebook group! I would love to see people post cool and interesting snaps from the cam there and ask questions! I will post status updates and outtages there as well. Click here to see and join the group!

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Time lapse of the Aurora Storm on June 22nd 2015 Watch the climbers on the mountain as well.

July Summer Sunset 7/3/2014

Moonset Sunrise 6/13/2014

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) over Mt Adams 6/8/2014

Time lapse of nightime climbers on 5/31/2014

Here is a typical spring day on the mountain

Time Lapse video of the Camelopardalids meteor shower from Mt Adams Washington

5/24/2014 - Here is a timelapse of the meteor shower on 5/24/2014 from this camera. The shots are 90 second apart and are 25 second exposures and span 10:45 to 3:30am. The rig is a Canon 40D with F2 35mm lens.
Download Video

Lightning strike on 5/30/2014

Jellyfish Lenticular Cloud 5/24/2014

Smooth Lenticular Cloud over Mt Adams

Orange Sherbert Sunset

Questions email me at ooca@personaltech.biz - Oca Hoeflein